Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Heart’s Prayer

Hymn lyrics by H. P. Blanchard,
Music by Ralph E. Stewart
Verse 1
  • My new life I owe to Thee,
  • Jesus, Lamb of Calvary;
  • Sin was canceled on the tree,
  • Jesus, blessed Jesus.
Verse 2
  • Humbly at Thy cross I’d stay,
  • Jesus, keep me there, I pray;
  • Teach me more of thee each day,
  • Jesus, blessed Jesus.
Verse 3
  • Grant me wisdom, grace and pow’r,
  • Lord, I need Thee ev’ry hour;
  • Let my will be lost in Thine,
  • Jesus, blessed Jesus.
Verse 4
  • Savior, Thou hast heard my plea,
  • Thou art near—so near to me;
  • Now I feel Thy strength’ning pow’r,
  • Jesus, blessed Jesus.

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