Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Hope Is in the Lord

Hymn lyrics and Music by Norman J. Clayton

Verse 1
  • My hope is in the Lord
  • Who gave Himself for me,
  • And paid the price of all my sin at Calvary.
  • For me He died,
  • For me He lives,
  • And everlasting life and light He freely gives.
Verse 2
  • No merit of my own
  • His anger to suppress.
  • My only hope is found in Jesus’ righteousness.
Verse 3
  • And now for me He stands
  • Before the Father’s throne.
  • He shows His wounded hands and names me as His own.
Verse 4
  • His grace has planned it all,
  • ’Tis mine but to believe,
  • And recognize His work of love and Christ receive.


Aaron Blumer said...

Thanks for the post... great, great hymn though it's a pretty new one as hymns go. Nice to have the text online so I can cut and paste into my sermon notes!

wrkn4him said...

Thanks, Brian, for this! I was singing this hymn on the way to work today and got stuck on some of the words. I can't wait to browse and sing through some of the other hymns you have listed.

I wonder if we are twins separated at birth, judging from your list of interests in your profile?

Again, thanks for contributing to my time of worship.

Patricia B.

Anonymous said...

Love this hymn, and wish I could find it in a hymnal or song book. Actually, I've always liked any song I've found by Norman Clayton.

JP @ Fulfilling and Oddly Minty said...

This song is in my heart today. Praise God!