Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blessed Calvary

Hymn lyrics by Avis M. Christiansen,
Music by Lance B. Latham

Verse 1

I look at the cross upon Calvary,
And oh, what a wonder divine,
To think of the wealth it holds for me—
The riches of Heaven are mine.


Blessed Calvary! Precious Calvary!
’Neath thy shadow I’ll ever abide.
Blessed Calvary! Precious Calvary!
’Twas there Jesus suffered and died.

Verse 2

I find at the cross blessed victory,
And grace for each step of my way.
To the fount of God’s love is flowing free,
And sweeter it grows day by day.


Verse 3

The cross is my hope for eternity,
No merit have I of my own;
The shed blood of Christ my only plea—
My trust is in Jesus alone.


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robert said...

Always glad to spot another hymn lover. Avis Christiansen gave us a number of fine gospel songs. "Love Found a Way" is another of hers. If you'd like to know a bit more about her, you can check my Wordwise Hymns blog for today. God bless.